Beginner Guitar Lessons


K. Gibbons

Clearwater Middle School


6:00pm – 7:00pm


Organization Information:

CEDP – Community Education & Development Programme

Hamilton Office

81 Court Street, Hamilton

(441) 292-7735

St. Georges Office

2 Westcott Road, Southside, St. Davids

(441) 297-0007

Warwick Office

72 Middle Road, Warwick

(441) 236-0829

BNG – Bermuda National Gallery

City Hall & Arts Centre

Church Street, Hamilton


(441) 295-9428

BSoA – Bermuda Society of Arts

The City Hall Arts Centre

17 Church Street

Hamilton HM 11


(441) 292-3824

MWKS – Masterworks

P.O. Box HM 1929


HM HX, Bermuda

(441) 299-9000


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