“T’was De Day Before Cup Match”


T’was de day before Cup Match,
and all shru de isle,
every Bredren was flexin,
and wearin’ a smile.

De Grennies were boasty,
de Aunties were kewl,
my Cousin Sha-Gertrude,
was chillin pon pool.

De greaze was pure safeness,
de Swizzle was well,
guyz went to check Shabba,
and Beres, as well <-(#LazyRhyme)

De tables were ready,
set up at de game,
degenerate gamblers,
withdrew with no shame.

De PoPo was preppin,
for loads of arrests,
de fellas were waiting,
to ogle pure breasts.

St. George’s was wicked,
de West End was wack,
we guyz are not biased:
just stating a fact.

So whether ya drinking,
or takin’ it ease,
just have a safe Cup Match,
and no medness, PLEASE!*

*Unless it’s legal medness, then by all means, carry on.

– C.D.

Image Credit: Bermemes


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