Conscious Times – June 26th to July 3rd, 2013

Well, slap my tail and call me Gertie: in a refreshing turn of events, this week’s Conscious Times is rife with positivity and good vibes! Kind of a nice change after last week’s abundance of dopeyness and sabre-rattling. Where to begin?

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 10.35.40 AMJuly 2nd marked the 54th anniversary of the end of formal segregation in Bermuda, with local Progressive group Imagine Bermuda promoting a special event and outreach campaign to celebrate the success and historical impact of the 1959 Theatre Boycott. Taking place in Queen Elizabeth Park (formerly Par-La-Ville), the event went swimmingly, doubling as a prayer gathering for Nelson Mandela’s ailing health while unifying a refreshingly bipartisan crowd. Since national Kumbaya moments have been few and far between lately, bigups to organizer Glenn Fubler for bringing some sanity into de discourse.

Verse aficionados were graced with the talents of Aja Monet this past Thursday as the internationally acclaimed poet unleashed an onslaught of conscious vibes upon the Chewstick crowd. Good timing, as Chewstick will be throwing a pop-up fundraiser reception this Friday at the Bermuda National Trust headquarters to help send some of Bermuda’s most talented youth poets to the annual Brave New Voices Poetry & Spoken Word Festival in Chicago.

A new substance abuse treatment centre named after late former Health Minister and drug rehabilitation advocate Nelson Bascome was officially opened in Sandy’s on June 26th, representing a positive step forward for of our national attitude towards addiction. Equally encouraging on a social level is the issuing of GED certificates to 21 Westgate inmates, who will now have greater employment prospects upon release assuming that certain employers are willing to overlook their past discretions.

Want a free greaze? Got two hours to kill and enough dollaz to buy a fishing spear? Well you’re in luck, because the Ocean Support Foundation is offering free permits to qualified individuals interested in culling the beautiful, but invasive lionfish population. While we normally wouldn’t condone what seems to be aquatic genocide at first glance, these bleddy things eat everything in sight and keep greazin’ on our coral/endemic fish population, so %^$& those guys, dun!

In perhaps the most media-significant item of the week, the Media Council Of Bermuda has release an official set of guidelines for reporting on race in Bermuda, stressing the importance of historical context and the acknowledgment of existing racial inequalities in transcending the news. Though it doesn’t appear that these rules will be mandatory for outlets to adhere to, it’ll be interesting to see who chooses to follow it and who continues to exploit race/class controversy to attract readers….(*cough cough*)

– Charles Doyle

Image Credit: Conscious Living – Living On Purpose


2 responses to “Conscious Times – June 26th to July 3rd, 2013

  1. Do you give this kind of overview every week?! Well, I AM glad I subscribed. I often don’t get an opportunity to read the traditional media, and I don’t have a TV so I don’t see the news. This encapsulation is informative and amusing in the bargain. Thanks

    • Hi Syl,

      Thanks for the support! We’re going to do our best to come out with a Conscious Times each week, but a lot will depend on the news cycle since we try to only touch on issues that have a social, arts or environmental context. Luckily things are pretty crazy in Bermuda right now, so there should be no shortage of material for the foreseeable future 😛

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