Conscious Times: June 18th -25th, 2013

260Sayin’, Kulcha warriors? Well, the Conscious Times is officially dumbfounded by the sheer levels of candidness, insincerity and surrealism that befell our boasty little island during the last week. Where do we even start? Oh right…Pettingill.

SO, during the HRA debate, the Attorney General had the audacity to say “Ay, the Bible is safe, but some parts are mug”. Unable to accept that grey areas exist, the Opposition saw blood in the water and called for his resignation with a hyperbolic, over-the-top speech by PLP Leader Marc Bean. The Premier, reacting with a one-two gut-punch to Progressivism, categorically reassured the populace that gay marriage will never happen under his leadership, then told Pettingill the next day “Ya on ya own wif this one, poppa”. Left in the dust, the AG eventually caved to the pressure and issued an apology for his remarks. While we understand politically why he did so, it was sad to see a person deliver a contrived apology in defiance of his own Progressive beliefs. In any event, we give him credit: it was boasty to see a sitting politician speak so candidly and passionately on the right side of an issue in the Legislature.

Smoker? Fancy a cigarette that not only tastes like a diseased hemorrhoid, but smells like cultural insensitivity? Then you’ll love Gombey cigarettes, a bizarre corporatization of one of our most beloved symbols which are being sold by a Florida-based company that’s only licensed to sell their smokes in 6 of 50 U.S. States (sketchy, buh). Though they’ve been available for sale on island for just about a year, some Gombeys have now officially spoken out against them, arguing that they send the wrong message to children who may be confused by the branding.

So, you may have noticed that certain parts of de island were overrun by boast-less piles of garbage for the last week or so. According to Government, the quarry worker strike that we touched on last week had a knock-on effect that delayed trash pickup in key areas, particularly Smith’s, Hamilton Parish and the West End. See, Kulcha! is in a strange place with this issue…as Progressives, we will always fully support and encourage the right of the worker to strike when he/she feels genuinely oppressed, but circumstances around this issue seem to give fuel to the common argument that our Civil Service can hold the island “hostage” for any reason they see fit. In any event, de crews are now working overtime to ensure that your neighbourhood doesn’t smell like a bumpy for much longer.

In yellow journalism news, the RG released a sensational headline on Saturday implying that the Department Of Education was “slashing” the higher education scholarship fund (Google it ya self if you wunt). In typical fashion, the article was lazy, misleading and sensational, forcing Education Minister Nalton Brangman to clarify his position (using *GASP* math) that the move would not affect the overall amount spent on the scholarship, but cap the individual annual payments at $35,000 to allow for a wider range of recipients.

A new study on college drug use was released on Monday, and surprise, surprise: turns out higher education is a double entendre. 46% of respondents admitted to using marijuana “in their lifetime”, a statistic that we can money-back-guarantee is higher in reality due to the well-documented propensity of respondents to lie on surveys questions regarding personal drug use. Good news for local activist Alan Gordon, who as we mentioned last week, is currently spearheading an initiative to educate the public on marijuana misconceptions.

Home Affairs Minister Michael Fahy has announced new crack-downs on businesses that violate work permit laws by imposing strict fines on offenders and creating a public register to document individual violations. While this is boasty step in the right direction, it’s effectiveness will still depend on individual employees’ willingness to come forward in the first place when they feels a violation has occurred, so these new regulations don’t address the issue of people refusing to report an incident out of fear of losing their job.

We’d like to congratulate local hip hop artist Jeremiah “Lil’ Quan” Steede on his upcoming return to BET’s 106 & Park to compete in the next stage of a widely publicized rap battle. Even if the BET Network does accentuate and capitalize on the some of the most vile black stereotypes out there, we’ll let it slide this time: it’s always boasty to see a Bermudian artist get international exposure on widely viewed platform.

Fashion your thing? Then we highly encourage you to check out a series of Do-It-Yourself fashion and art classes taking place throughout the summer in St. George’s. Nuff respect since it not only promotes creativity, but helps to raise St. Geo’s profile as an arts center.

To end on a positive note, Cablevision’s recent partnership with the Eliza Dolittle Society to assist with their food drive was so successful that they’ve decided to make it an ongoing thing. We salute them with the thunderous applause of a thousand boasty bredrens for truly caring for and giving back to the community in these hard times.

– Charles Doyle

Image Credit: The Conscious Portal


2 responses to “Conscious Times: June 18th -25th, 2013

  1. You missed dee budget item that encompasses dee bursaries … approx 50% cut in that item … um um how day going to addrass dat one – caught the PLP sleeping at dee wheel on that one but the cat’s out of dee bag nah

    • Sorry about dat der bredrin! We’ll include a mention in the next one.

      Thanks for the feedback and conscientiousness though!

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