Conscious Times: June 6-15

Day Old NewsThis week in progressive news: cognitive dissonance is the name of the game, with the tax haven, herb and labour debates all respectively begging the question “Why do we say one thing, then do another?”

So David Cameron said to Craig Cannonier, “Ay dun, come rond my yard for to talk about tax evasion.” “Nah,” said de Premier.  When local news outlets asked him whether or not he said “Nah, Dun”, he said “Nah, Dun! Reuters is just tired.”  Cageyness regarding the tax haven is par for the course for Bermy politicians, but the people have woken up: harsh economic times + the wealth gap widening = a legitimate reason to question how and why we benefit from the mega-wealthy stashing their money here.

Free up de herb! Weed regained the spotlight once again as local law graduate Alan Gordon derided Cannabis decriminalization while pushing for it’s full regulation. An active proponent of legalization on local political forums, Mr. Gordon brings progressive perspective and outside experience to highlight the plant’s medical benefits with peer-reviewed evidence. He also plans to run a full-page ad in a local paper outlining the dangers of decriminalization as a stop-gap solution. As the harmful absurdity of fining cruise ship passengers for small amounts continues, his alternative perspective is welcome and long overdue.

The spirit of protest is alive and well as Government quarry workers downed their tools in response to a fellow worker being suspended for using a public vehicle on personal time. Workers are taking full advantage of tha right to protest – which is wicked! Too many examples of workers being run down by de Man. This time, we’re not so sure that they got it right, but Fahy’s not falling for that again after the Term Limits PR fiasco… so tribunal a gwan. It will be interesting to see how this turns out in light of the recent labour controversies regarding KFC and the Millennium Charter ferry 

– C.D


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