PWYC Art Classes at DNA!

Pay What You Can business models are seen as risky, but DNA Creative Shoppe is generously making art affordable.

Lexy has taken customer service to a new, humane level by offering pay what you can art classes! DNA announces that “as long as Lexy does KNOW the medium,etc. and you want to learn, she is going to now be doing private classes.”  Artists/owners Lexy and Dion said yesterday that “we know many people are in different financial situations at the moment. So, the pricing will be based on a) what you think the class is worth to you and b) what you can afford. We’ve already heard this is CRAZY and people will take advantage. Well, we like to believe that most people are honest and good and will pay what they can to learn something new.”

kulcha! is proud of Lexy and DNA for their genuine, visionary, and compassionate approach to business.  It takes humanity, courage and a heartfelt belief in human goodness to offer PWYC.  The art world is plagued with problems of access: art classes and materials are expensive, and non-privileged folk can find it hard to break in.

Here’s your chance.  Support DNA and support your dreams by inquiring with Lexy as to what she’ll be offering at 441-747-5399 or  Lexy is a professional painter and extremely knowledgeable in mixed-media of all sorts.  She also works with polymer clay, so check with her to see if she’ll teach what you want.  Cost of materials are, of course, separate.

DNA is housed in the Bermuda Public Storage Building at 21 Elliott Street (next to the Bermuda Sun, down from Chewstick, and arrundecorner from Snowy’s and Down to Earth).  It’s open 11-7pm, Monday-Saturday.

Don’t know where that is?  We were lost too, so here’s a useful map and the building looks like this.


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