The Conscious Times: Apr. 22- 28

This week in progressive news: a run down of the happenings in the conscious world, for artists, activists, deviant spiritualists and other locals just left of mainstream.

The SAGE Commission makes its debut. They want to improve Govt, and asking for our help.  Unlike the Govt, they’re starting with consultation.  They’re offering four awards of $2,500 for the best ideas from a civil servant; member of the public; a young person between 18 and 25; and a young person under 18.  $10,000 to the Govt employee or member of the public with the best submission. / Commenter Valerie Askintall raises a good point though – what’s up with local elitism? “Bermuda should be careful that it is not just continuing as usual down the road of elitism where a select group of individuals are called upon to the direct, intended and strategic disregard of other deserving individuals within this community…  I wish this all the very best, but when Bermuda genuinely reaches out for the inclusion of the marginalised, disenfranchised and disaffected then it has made real policy change.”

Meanwhile, “People are really struggling. We know of families where the most tremendous sacrifices are being made so that a child can be treated overseas.” / Salvation Army adds to the mugness.  The message: people are hungry and struggling. Last week the Eliza Doolittle Fund said they were struggling to feed people.  This week the Salvation Army says, “March 2013 was one of the highest months of demand in recent history.  Some 425 families came through their Family Services Programme last month.  That’s an estimated 1,000 individuals in need of food.” / July 1-3 slated for Community Beautification project for bakatahn.  Habitat for Humanity and the EEZ are looking for volunteers. / New nature reserve to chill at: off Middle Road between Evan’s Bay and Rockaway.  /There’s a Cahow Recovery Project, and it’s high tech.  Meet the Cahow Cams.  / Batson and Swan are not only examples of good business (they’re celebrating 50 years this year) but were also leaders in energy conservation.  (Print only, Thursday April 25, p.11)  / A little knowledge on using energy-efficient light bulbs. / The Bermuda Insurance Institute has started recognizing leaders in Corporate Social Responsibilty; the Argus Group receives the inaugural Award.  (Print, Bermuda Sun, April 26, p. 28) Bermuda Health Council’s Jennifer Attride-Stirling says that acupuncture falls under Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Bermuda and is not currently regulated. Bermuda Massage Therapy Association vets massage therapists, and the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Association in Bermuda can help you find a qualified acupuncturists.  Insurers are not required to cover CAM services and policies vary.  (Print only, Bermuda Sun, April 26 2013, p. 14)

Art/Cultural News:  Thanks to the Write It Down project led by Frederick Hassell MBE since 2005, Somersfield Academy students are recording old Bermuda history.  Amazing project!  / Shine Hayward brings International Jazz Day to Bermuda, completely with a jam session and celebrations. /  Lucinda Spurling and Andrew Kirkpatrick’s film picks up a Platinum Remi award at World Fest, the world’s oldest film festival.  Congrats Lucinda and Andrew! / Writer Joanne Ball-Burgess is a Kenyan dance celebrity. / Ira Philips reviews Dale Butler’s “Climbing Jacob’s Ladder” as a ‘tribute to the Rev Edward B Grant, the iconic founder and builder of the First Church of God, Angle Street, in 1905… the citadel and spawning ground for ‘black culture’ in Bermuda [for] the next 25 years.”  / Women artists are leaders in new media, but there’s still a way to go in getting equal representation in shows. / And while we’re on art, a political cartoon from Woolcock on the farmers’ almost-boycott. / Recipe:  Brain boosting green smoothie.

Upcoming events:

Jazz Jam at Shine’s, 5-9pm, and jazz concert at City Hall from 12:30-ish on Tuesday April 30.

BSOA’s 60th anniversary is coming up on May 4. Dance to Earth, Wind and Fire, Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Santana by a live band.  Tickets $50 for members, $60 for non-members.

I almost don’t want to share this ’cause I’m so excited, but a pretty cool book sale is going on, Saturdays from 10-3pm in May.  Buy rare/out of print heritage books, and support the Sunshine League at the Same time.

Cultural Controversy of the Week:  Bermuda Sun brings 18 bloggers to Bermuda – dissing local writers simultaneously.  kulcha! commented and readers agreed- BDoT is mug.


2 responses to “The Conscious Times: Apr. 22- 28

  1. Your cultural controversy of the week link says “Bermuda Sun brings 18 bloggers to Bermuda…dissing local wrirers.” Its BDoT of course.

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