The Conscious Times: Apr 15-21, 2013

This week in progressive news: a run down of the happenings in the conscious world, for artists, activists, deviant spiritualists and other locals just left of mainstream.

Pay when you use plastic bags?  The Debate rages in online media.  Led by Greenrock and the Marine Debris Taskforce (never heard of ’em, but right on.) /  Yesii!  Minister Bob Richards supports growing our own food.  He’s like: food prices aren’t coming down, knowing where your food comes from is nice and besides, it’s part of our heritage to be in touch with the land.  /  And for farmers, farming is a way of life. / On the flipside, some 3,000 Bermudians aren’t getting enough food.  Even the employed are finding it hard to feed families. (Community gardens could be an answer). / The Art of Keeping Chickens Gets Some Press.  Young bie Lamar built a chicken coop in carpentry class after Frances Eddy inspired him.  You could build one yourself, or encourage entrepreneurship and design by buying one from d bie. /Entrepreneur offers shared office space. Ah, the idea of the collective is hitting mainstream bermy. / Artists, the Corporation of Hamilton wants you.  Let’s hope they’ve revised some of the bogus regulations from last time, like not spilling paint on the sidewalk. Meanwhile upstairs….Bermuda National Gallery’s broke and trying to keep the gallery free.  (BNG busks for the Corp?  I see potential…)/  Lifestyle Stuff: A Recipe for Brown Rice Salad.  Cause’ health is wealth. If you’re looking for a dairy substitute, apparently goat’s milk is where it’s at. / Conscious activities: Pre-Earth Medicinal Plant Nature walk.  This Sunday, 2pm, meet at Palmetto Park.  April 21.  Hosts: the Vegetarian Society.  Wear a green ribbon this Saturday for Medical Marijuana.

The Big Idea: The Farm/Seed Fiasco

Last week, farmers were like, “Gummint’s intercepting our seeds and killing business. What’s up with that?” So Gummint Says:  We heard your seeds have been treated with pesticides harmful to Bermuda agriculture, that’s why we’re intercepting them.  Plus:  There’ll be an Agricultural Strategy with a Nov 1 deadline.  /  This week, Gummint and The Farmer’s Association reach an agreement on the whole seed-interception-fiasco.  Wadson says treated seeds and GMO seeds are two different things, and the FA welcomes a policy on GMO seed.  Farmers don’t boycott the Agricultural Exhibition (Ag Show to locals), but I need some more info about these seed treatments… / And in an opinion piece, farmer Tom Wadson’s says, “We’re cool and all, but some consultation would have been nice.  (Gummint really needs to work on that, seen).

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