Short Film Debut


Let me get  my critique out of the way:  I’m not a fan of the storyline – girl leaves boy, girl “sees” boy everywhere, girl ends up with new boy.  (I’m open to a deeper analysis if anyone has one.) Personally, I’d like to see greater conceptual depth from creative production (locally or overseas).  Nonetheless, I am a HUGE proponent of local creativity, and there is plenty to celebrate about this 4min, 15 sec short film, directed by Kyle Dill and Talisa Marks, and produced by a host of dedicated folks, including the talented Jacin Lowe as Director of Photography.

For one, the quality is superb.  If you are an islander, it takes very few words to conjure up an image of the substandard video quality that we’re accustomed to seeing.  Second, Claire-Lee DeCouto gives a solid performance as Tasha.  Moreover the large crew and cast (by local standards) is evidence of a high level of commitment, cooperation, and coordinating know-how by producers Talisa Marks and Dennis Lowe.

The stand-out features of this short feature, however, comes down to the cinematography and editing.   “Breathe” boasts a variety of interesting shots, and there are little moments that lend the film energy and a contemporary feel.  :55-1:02 has two great examples: the brief moment of stillness before the picture frame falls and the quick cuts used to show Tasha’s boyfriend’s frustration lend  an appropriately dark feel, paying homage to the moody, chillstep track’s roots in dubstep . The editor, Rahndum Ink, doesn’t over-use Final Cut effects, which can be highly distracting and are tell-tale signs of an undisciplined editor. I liked the slight shimmer used around 1:50 to convey the fire and to signal the transition happening in Tasha’s memory/perception.  Plus, I’m a huge fan of dance/performance culture, so it’s nice to see RockFire and poppers/lockers represented here.

I’m not a film buff, so I won’t attempt to wax poetic on the cast and crew’s formidable achievement.  I invite any interested reader to contact me to write film reviews for the site.  Here’s the film, but if you like what you see I encourage you to show love over on Youtube.

Last word – Notice also the massive showing of Bermuda Established Sweatshirts from 2:50 on!


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