Judge a Kid by His Cover: Inner-view w. Mixtape Cover Artist, Makeem Bartley (Audio)

kulcha! goes behind the scenes of Stealth Ninja II Mixtape with cover artist Makeem Bartley, interviewed by guest contributor Calix Socrates Smith and K.

Stealth Ninja II Mixtape Cover Art:

In this exclusive and unedited interview, we explore big themes like, What drives Makeem to embody a creative, progressive style, and how can artists combat our doubts around pursuing our creative purpose while trying to make a living on the Rock? As you might expect from a visual artist/graphic designer/rapper/poet/singer/artist, Makeem “Haz” Bartley’s panoply of interests made for great conversation.

We invite you to press play and listen in as we talk about art and technology, social media, and freeing ourselves from small, stifling notions of who we are as artists. Of course we got into the cover art for the Stealth Ninja II mix-tape, asking about how he came to work with Devils Isles Entertainment, his creative process to actualize the Stealth Ninja saga, and how his love for the island’s pastel palette inspired his color choices. We reflected on the “trials and tribs” of the creative process (aka why backing up our work is just as important as creating it!), and much, much more. Authentic. Unedited. Young people talking art, design, love, and culture.

Listen in:

Want to pass go and collect $200? Skip to 2:25 mins.
Enjoy the scenic route? Listen in.

Check out the Stealth Ninja II album here.


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