Found Hiding: L’Art de Objet Trouvé

In honor of the New Year, we have interpreted the theme of innovation to celebrate the art of the found object. We bring you “The Art of Assemblage,” a visual short showcasing (mostly) contemporary artists who use existing objects to create new works of art. From Betye Saar’s assemblages to Tom Dieninger’s junk sculptures, found objects illuminate the history and beauty in the everyday while drawing attention the excesses of consumerist culture. Artists working with found objects value the undervalued, and we’re inspired by the best of assemblage: evocative, often intimate, works in which the old and new are inextricably bound.

We like to call our shorts “Inspiration Stations.” We hope you’ll find a new artist to explore or a new technique to try. We cover the sub-genres of assemblage and trash art, in which natural or manufactured “ordinary” items are assembled into two or three-dimensional structures. We’ll upload an I.S. for collage feature soon.

If you need an introduction to Found Object Art, check out our Down & Dirty Art Historical Review.

Check our first Inspiration Stations under Shorts. Stay inspired. -kulcha!


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